SAIF declares $210 million dividend; second during pandemic

This is the 12th year in a row SAIF has returned a dividend to policyholders.

posted March 10, 2021

Acknowledging the financial toll the pandemic has taken on Oregon businesses, SAIF today declared a $210 million dividend for its policyholders. 

"Oregon businesses continue to face tremendous uncertainty," said President and CEO Kerry Barnett. "When our financial position indicates we can issue a dividend, we do — it's the best way we can support our policyholders right now." 

The dividend will be based on premium for policies whose term ended in 2020 and will be distributed in July. This is the 12th year in a row SAIF has been able to offer a dividend, and the 24th dividend since 1990. More information will be available on in June. 

During the pandemic, SAIF has remained open for business, serving Oregon's employers and workers. This has included taking steps to help injured workers who faced challenges accessing care and working to reduce the financial burden on businesses.  

Last year, SAIF helped more than 3,400 businesses through the $25 million coronavirus worker safety fund. The fund helped employers quickly implement safety practices to protect workers against the virus. SAIF also returned a $100 million dividend in 2020. 

About SAIF

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