Latest culinary pairing: Oregon Restaurant & Lodging Assoc. and SAIF

The partnership aims to reduce worker injuries and provides discounts for eligible ORLA members.

posted June 19, 2017

The restaurant and lodging industries face some of the most difficult workplace safety challenges. To help protect the more than 167,000 workers engaged in making Oregon's dining and overnight experiences picture perfect, the Oregon Restaurant & Lodging Association (ORLA) and SAIF are joining forces. With SAIF's decades of workplace safety experience, it's an ideal match—and today it became official.

With an eye toward making those workplaces safer and healthier, SAIF's board of directors voted earlier this month to approve a group program for eligible ORLA members. ORLA's board of directors previously approved the endorsement and group program on May 23, 2017.

"We are proud to partner with ORLA on our shared mission of making Oregon the safest and healthiest place to work," said Christy Witzke, vice president of marketing, sales, and communications at SAIF. "We're impressed by ORLA's longstanding commitment to improving their members' safety programs, and are excited to work more closely with them in this area."

The partnership will give eligible ORLA members, representing 11,000 foodservice and lodging establishments, a workers' compensation group discount that has to be validated by NCCI and approved by DCBS.

"With the onset of rising costs, it is in the best interest of our industry to create this new program to assist hospitality employers in finding new ways to save money," said Jason Brandt, president and CEO of ORLA. "We are excited about the group discount program and the new opportunities we will have to jointly promote safer workplaces with our partners at SAIF."

About SAIF
SAIF is Oregon's not-for-profit workers' compensation insurance company. For more than 100 years, we've been taking care of injured workers, helping people get back to work, and striving to make Oregon the safest and healthiest place to work. For more information, visit the About SAIF page on

About ORLA
The Oregon Restaurant & Lodging Association is the leading business association for the foodservice and lodging industry in Oregon, which is comprised of over 9,000 foodservice locations and 2,200 lodging establishments with a workforce of 167,000, and a total economic impact of $8 billion - making it the cornerstone of the economy, career opportunities and community involvement. The association works to advocate, protect, train and promote the foodservice and lodging industry.


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