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Electronic services for providers

Electronic funds transfer (EFT)

The Payment Preference feature in our secure application, Business Online , lets you enroll in direct deposit (electronic funds transfer). EFT is safe, secure, efficient, and less expensive than paper check payments because it reduces your trips to the bank and eliminates any banking fees. Enrolling in direct deposit can only be done online.

Electronic explanation of benefits (EOB)

The Payment Preference system also allows you to receive explanation of benefits (EOB) electronically instead of in paper form, and receive them sooner. You'll receive an email when payment information is available in your Business Online account.


You can also submit bills electronically to SAIF to speed up the process. If you already currently submit bills electronically to other companies, contact your clearinghouse to find out how to submit to SAIF. Otherwise, contact Jopari at 866.269.0554, or visit jopari.com.
E-billing also makes record-keeping easier and eliminates some of the time and resources it takes to create a paper bill.
You can get to Business Online from the login box on the right side of the Medical Provider home page. Please contact our Help Desk at 866.836.8300 if you have questions.