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Ever imagine you'd work for an insurance company and love it? Neither did many of us, but at SAIF we have lots of interesting and gratifying types of jobs. Take a minute to meet the people making Oregon the safest and healthiest state.

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Jobs at SAIF: making Oregon the safest and healthiest state

At Oregon’s not-for-profit workers’ comp company, you’ll find supportive teams, great benefits, and a mission to make life better for all Oregonians.

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As a senior safety management consultant, I help workplaces build strong safety programs by supporting sound safety, health, and wellness programs. But my journey has gone far beyond the fulfilling job of helping Oregon businesses and workers. The supportive culture at SAIF also helps me achieve some of my own health and fitness goals (including completing two marathons) that I probably wouldn't achieve if not for SAIF's culture.

Helping to make Oregon the safest and healthiest state, and positively impacting the safety of workers, have by far surpassed my expectations of a rewarding place of work.


Since 2003 I've been a trial attorney for SAIF. I have the privilege of representing SAIF and its policyholders in claims involving litigation before the Workers' Compensation Division or the Workers' Compensation Board.

I love my job because I get to work with awesome people every day, both within and outside of SAIF, who make coming to work fun and rewarding.


I love that my job, web developer and designer, challenges me every day in different ways and enables me to use my skills and knowledge to help keep workers safe. The environment at SAIF encourages me to push myself to grow in new areas. I learn from amazing co-workers who care about what they do because they believe in our mission.

I just love what I do, that I get paid to do it, and that I'm part of something larger that makes a difference to Oregonians. 

What other jobs do people do here?

A wide range of talented teams and people contribute to our mission. Many employees, like our claims adjusters, return-to-work specialists, safety consultants, insurance reps, nurse consultants, and attorneys work directly with our customers and injured workers to make workplaces safer, help injured workers get better, and make sure policyholders are getting the services they need. But many teams also work behind the scenes, like information technology, finance, marketing, strategic planning, and corporate services, to ensure SAIF has the tools, resources, and support to serve our customers.