• Caught between a few tons and a hard place Every year, workers are killed by so-called “parked” vehicles—vehicles they have stopped, sometimes even turned off, but which still have the ability to roll a few feet. Learn more

  • Office work: the “safe” occupation When it comes to worker safety, high tech doesn’t necessarily mean low risk. Hours of sitting, bad lighting, tiny screens, cord clutter—modern offices can be a minefield of hidden hazards. Here’s what you can do. Learn more

  • MyClaim goes mobile SAIF’s secure online site for injured workers is now accessible by most mobile devices. Learn more

  • Getting reimbursed If you had to pay for medication, supplies, or travel related to your workplace injury, you can request reimbursement for your expenses. | Learn more

This is your Worker Guide

Actually, it's two guides: an open one (this one) that explains the main elements of the workers' comp system, and a secure one (MyClaim) with information about your claim—such as basic claim data, payment history, forms, correspondence, and contacts.

Contacting your adjuster: If you don't have your adjuster's direct line or email, just call us at 800.285.8525.


Log in to MyClaim to see your claim data, payment history, claim forms, and more.

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Servicios en español

Esta guía para trabajadores también está disponible en español. Si ha sufrido una lesión en el trabajo, esta guía le puede ayudar.

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