• Made with pride

    At Albany-based Wood Castle, employees are building more than heirloom-quality furniture. They're building healthy habits that hopefully will last a lifetime.

  • Become your company comp expert

    Congratulations, you've just been awarded responsibility for your company's workers' comp program.

    So, what happens next?

    5 tips for saving time and money

  • The latest buzz: workplace impairment

    Baked, bombed, sleep-deprived, or stressed out? It isn't always easy to tell. Learn what to do if you suspect substance abuse—or something else—may be affecting an employee's work performance.

  • Work safe. Be well. Better manage workers' comp.

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This guide includes a link to hundreds of resources in our Safety and Health section, our calendar of free trainings, and helpful information about the workers' comp process, like how to report payroll. It's also where you can access Business Online, our secure site where you can check a claim profile, pay your premium, file payroll reports, and more.

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Strengthen and lengthen | Regularly doing these simple exercises in our video series builds core stability and muscle symmetry. And it can help protect you and your employees from injury.