Tater Patch Quilts

They sell quilt patterns, notions, and fabric. They also offer community.

The community spirit is alive and well in Merrill. While the quilting retreats were canceled and the classes are limited for social distancing, Tater Patch Quilts remains a hub of activity for local quilters looking to give back.

When the pandemic hit, the quilt shop stayed open to provide supplies for homemade face masks. Through a grant program, they enlisted the local quilt community to make masks to hand out to anyone who needs one, free of charge.

But while they sell quilt patterns, notions, and fabric, there’s something else they offer: “We get a lot of people that just want to come in and talk,” says co-owner Diane McKoen. “We are keeping our doors open for any type of customer service we can provide.”

To learn more about Tater Patch Quilts, visit taterpatchquilts.com