Sperry Tree Care Co. | Eugene

Meet the branch managers of tree care.

They specialize in big tree pruning, removals, and taking care of the urban forest.

In 2019, the company purchased helmets that offer ear protection and allow the team to easily communicate over the noise of chainsaws and wood chippers. Each helmet has built-in Bluetooth microphones and speakers that they use to pair up a climber with a partner on the ground.

"When someone's up the tree, you don't have to yell down as loud as possible," says field staff supervisor Christopher "Gritz" Kuhn, saving much-needed energy for climbing and trimming. "And if we don't have line of sight, we can still talk to each other."

When the ground crew and the climbers are on the same page, that makes for a safer environment.

"Incorporating the helmets and different types of tools we've gotten, the safety culture has really changed a lot," said Kuhn.

To learn more about Sperry Tree Care Co., visit sperrytreecare.com

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