Duckwall Fruit

Duckwall Fruit has spent 100 years packing pears.

Duckwall Fruit has spent 100 years packing pears. It started in 1919 as a packing house in the middle of an orchard in Hood River Valley. Today, it packs 2.25 million cartons of pears annually from more than 70 growers on 115 farms and ships them all over the world.

Pear packers gear up for their shifts like marathon runners, stretching and warming their muscles. A physical therapist visits once a week and promotes exercises and proper lifting. A health nurse also comes every Wednesday and counsels employees on physical and mental health.

"That's been really successful," says VP/COO Kathy Nishimoto. Duckwall used to have multiple claims that were painful and expensive. Early intervention is now the motto to keep away injuries from overuse, strains, and sprains.

That includes having an active safety committee where every voice is heard.

Because even with 100 years of experience, Duckwall Fruit's laser focus on safety and wellness extends from its president, Ed Weathers, all the way down the line.

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