Physical activity

It stands to reason that being physically fit helps prevent injuries at work and at home. But it may be surprising to learn that physical activity also helps employees stay alert and engaged. These resources help you support employees in being physically active and staying fit.

Get active [PDF]
This guide provides employers with ways to support workplace physical activity. 

Increase access to physical activity

The first step to increasing physical activity is making it easy and safe. Here are some tools to help:

What is your business's "walk score"? Learn how easy it is to walk and bike from your doorstep, then help make it easier. Draw maps of routes for walking near your business, along with mileage and posted signs. Check for safety issues such as broken sidewalks, lighting, and other hazards. (Walk Score)

Take the stairs (Centers for Disease Control) 
The CDC has information on how to improve your stairways to encourage use.  

Start something

Start a workplace challenge program (5-2-1-0 Challenge)
The 5-2-1-0 challenge is one example of a friendly workplace challenge program - and it's free. It tracks physical activity, among other things. When choosing a program, remember to select one that rewards participation and tracking, not just reaching a goal like weight loss.   

Is it compensable?

If an employee is injured while participating in a company-sponsored wellness program, is it compensable?  

Ready to get moving?  

Get moving
The American Heart Association has lots of hints and tips to get moving!

23½ hours (Dr. Mike Evans/Evans Health Lab)
Watch this animated video to learn about the single best thing you can do for your health.  

How much physical activity do adults need?
Find out what the CDC recommends