Emergency planning

Stuff happens. And sometimes stuff happens at workplaces. You can’t predict them, but you can prepare for them.

Oregon OSHA

Visit the Oregon OSHA website to learn more about emergency planning, including:

Living on shaky ground: How to survive earthquakes and tsunamis in Oregon (Oregon Emergency Management) [PDF]
A handbook that explains how you can prepare for, survive, and recover from earthquakes and tsunamis

Emergency planning resources (FEMA/Ready Campaign)
Be prepared for any emergency

Are you Red Cross ready? (American Red Cross)
Guides and safety tips for a wide variety of emergencies and disasters.

Emergency preparedness and response (OSHA)
Guides to help you be prepared for specific hazards like Anthrax, Ebola and Zika.

Video library

DVD (no streaming available)

  • Emergency evacuations: getting out alive | GENSAFE-60 (English/Spanish/Portuguese/French)
    15 minutes | In an emergency situation, survival hinges on adequate training, prepa … Read more
  • Fire extinguishers: how and when to use them | FIRE-02
    16 minutes | This program stresses the importance of making the right decisions whe … Read more
  • Fire extinguishers: ready to respond | FIRE-03
    13 minutes | Every year fires in the workplace cause thousands of employee injuries … Read more
  • Fire in the workplace | FIRE-05
    18 minutes | Minimize fire hazards with this DVD. It provides your employees with e … Read more
  • Fire safety (safety in 8) | FIRE-06 (English/Spanish/Portuguese)
    8 minutes | Snuff out fire hazards now! This important program explains how fires … Read more