Construction safety topics

Injury prevention resources for one of the most dangerous industries—construction—and some specific subindustries

Simple solutions for home-building workers (NIOSH) [PDF]
A basic guide for preventing manual material-handling injuries 

Scaffolds  Arial lifts, mobile crane and fall protection

Fact sheet | Falls from roofs can be prevented (NIOSH) [PDF]  
An illustrated, quick-reference sheet that can be used as a poster

Fall protection in residential construction (OSHA) [PDF] 
This simple yet comprehensive guide provides photos and specific guidance on various work methods that may be used at different stages of the construction process.

Fact sheet  | Aerial lifts  (OSHA) [PDF]
A short overview on hazards, training, safety, and operation of an aerial lift

Quick card | Aerial lifts (OSHA) [PDF]
11 quick tips on safe work practices

Mobile crane, boom, and hoisted load safety (NIOSH) [PDF]
A comprehensive report, including injury data, current standards, case reports, and safety advice

For more information on slips, trips and falls from the same surface and ladder safety, visit the Slips, trips, and falls topic page.


Scaffolding eTool | Illustrated checklists for specific types of scaffolds (OSHA)

Scaffold and Access Industry Assoc.
Scaffold safety training resources


Working safely in trenches quick card (OSHA) [English and español]
Easy-to-use, illustrated one-page cards

Fact sheet | Trenching and excavation safety  (OSHA) [PDF]
Brief, two-page sheet on dangers, safety measures, rules, and more

Construction eTool | Trenching and excavation (OSHA)

Forklifts/Powered industrial trucks

Publications | information on safety and regulations regarding the use of powered industrial trucks

Powered Industrial Trucks - Forklifts (OSHA)

eToolPowered industrial trucks (OSHA)

Hand tool/Pneumatic fastener

Hand tool safety guide [PDF]
A short guide on teaching safe tool methods, storage and handling, and identifying defects

Pneumatic nail guns (The Center for Construction Research and Training) [PDF] 
One page hazard alert on nail gun safety, including how injuries happen and how to prevent them. [español]

Nail gun safety (NIOSH)
Learn what you can do to prevent nail gun injuries, including short videos on the best—and worst—types of nail guns.

Nail gun safety guide for construction contractors (NIOSH) [PDF]
A comprehensive guide covering triggers, how injuries happen, six steps to nail gun safety, and additional resources

Safety comic: Straight talk about nail gun safety (NIOSH) [PDF]
10-page comic book with a serious subject: nail gun use and safety [español]

Choose hand safety (Center for Construction Research and Training)
Learn how to choose hand tools and gloves with interative resources, training, and more

Video library

DVD (no streaming available)

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  • Forklift operations: carry the load | VEHICLE-13 (English/Spanish/Portuguese/French)
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  • Forklift walk-behinds | VEHICLE-18
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  • Forklifts and pedestrians | VEHICLE-19
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  • Loading dock safety | VEHICLE-25
    4 minutes | Teach your employees to follow safe work procedures when working on or … Read more
  • Operating electric pallet jacks safely | VEHICLE-02 (English) VEHICLE-03 (Spanish)
    | Electric pallet jacks, often called pallet trucks, are designed for li … Read more
  • ARC flash awareness | GENSAFE-08
    26 minutes | This video, the result of a NIOSH study, focuses on individual and org … Read more
  • Blind spots, pinch points, dangerous places | CONST-06
    | A safety refresher about large road construction equipment. The video … Read more
  • Construction fall protection: get arrested! | CONST-07
    14 minutes | This video covers the requirements for guardrail construction, strengt … Read more
  • Job safety and worker orientation | CONST-12
    13 minutes | This video has it all! In 13 short minutes it covers basic new employe … Read more
  • Scaffolds: Safety at all levels | CONST-02 (English/Spanish/Portuguese/French)
    | Every year, 4,500 injuries and 50 deaths are caused by scaffolding mis … Read more
  • Scissor lifts in construction | CONST-11 (English/Spanish/Portuguese)
    9 minutes | Scissor lifts can provide a safe walking and working surface on constr … Read more
  • Powered high-lift trucks: order picker safety | VEHICLE-05 (English/Spanish)
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  • The forklift workshop | VEHICLE-32
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  • The forklift workshop (Spanish) | VEHICLE-33
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  • Weyerhaeuser safety video compilation | VEHICLE-20
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  • Working around forklifts: a proactive approach | VEHICLE-10 (English/Spanish/Portuguese)
    16 minutes | Always behave as if an accident might happen--this is the key to worki … Read more
  • Forklift Safety: Safe in 8 | VEHICLE-11 (English/Spanish, Portuguese)
    8 minutes | Driving a forklift is not like driving a car. Give your employees a qu … Read more
  • Indoor cranes: safe lifting operations | CONST-1 (English/Spanish/Portuguese/French)
    23 Minutes | This video program is specifically designed to give nonlicensed operat … Read more
  • In the trenches: excavation safety for workers | CONST-17
    14 Minutes | Looking for a basic primer on excavation? Look no further. This video … Read more
  • Overhead and gantry cranes | GENSAFE-58 (English/Spanish/Portuguese)
    20 minutes | Cranes, when operated incorrectly, can result in expensive damage to p … Read more
  • Ladder Safety | GENSAFE 14
    13 minutes | Ladders are one of the most frequently used pieces of equipment in alm … Read more
  • Ladder Safety | GENSAFE 15 (Spanish)
    13 minutes | Ladders are one of the most frequently used pieces of equipment in alm … Read more