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System requirements

The SAIF Learning Center supports Chrome (preferred), Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and most other browsers on PC, Mac, and mobile devices. Some online courses require Adobe Flash. For technical questions, call 877-204-4442 ext. 4.

Here are four reasons:  

1.    It's easy to use.

2.   It's a helpful management tool.

3.   It's mobile friendly.

4.    It's good for business.

The SAIF Learning Center is a way to be proactive about workplace safety and health, risk prevention, and business management. It can also help control your costs. Learn more here

Got questions? Email or call 503.373.8200. Already have an account? Go to our SAIF Learning Center login page.

Example: Dental office with one location. We have six employees, including dentists, hygienists, dental assistants, and receptionist.

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