Take the worry out of workplace training

Our new SAIF Learning Center offers free on-demand trainings customized for your business needs, including automatic tracking and records management. Sign up today.

posted May 02, 2018

SAIF Learning Center

You want your workers to be healthy and safe. So do we.

But training takes time and expertise. That’s where the new SAIF Learning Center can help. It’s a way to be proactive about workplace safety and health, risk prevention, and business management.

It can also save you time and money. Here’s how:

It’s accessible
SAIF policyholders can sign up online by answering a few simple questions about your business. Once you get your log-on credentials, you can easily add your employees so they can access trainings on any computer with a Wi-Fi connection. Just log on at The SAIF Learning Center is intuitive and easy to use. It’s also easier and less time-consuming than attending classroom trainings.

It’s tailored to your needs
Your customized training catalog is based on your business and industry. You also have access to a wide range of topics, and we’re adding new ones all the time. Most trainings are offered in an interactive video format that’s designed to ensure the learner has mastered the content.

It’s a helpful management tool. 
Automatic tracking makes it easy to maintain employee training records and expand the reach of required training. The software also helps you manage HR requirements; you can even upload your own policies and procedures to ensure employees read and acknowledge them. The Learning Center provides certificates to employees who have completed their training.

It’s good for business
Access to the SAIF Learning Center is included in the cost of being a SAIF policyholder, with the same high-quality customer support you receive through our other services. It’s another way to promote the health and safety of workers across Oregon—and that’s always good for business.

Questions? Email Or call 503.373.8200.

Wait, there’s more
While we’re on the subject, check out all our free trainings, including on-demand videos, live and recorded webinars, and classroom trainings across the state. Many are available without registration. Visit


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