Coronavirus worker safety fund

Thank you for your interest in the coronavirus worker safety fund.

We know our policyholders have experienced major impacts from the coronavirus. We established this $25 million coronavirus worker safety fund to help businesses face these new and unusual challenges. While $25 million is a lot of money, we knew it would not come close to meeting businesses’ full needs. In fact, we received an enormous and rapid response, with requests totaling close to four times the amount available.

Our goal has been to help keep workers safe and to impact as many workplaces as possible. We’re pleased to be able to offer some assistance in making Oregon’s workplaces safer.

We are continuing to review and process the applications we have in hand, but we’ve determined that these requests will meet or exceed the amount of funding available. We have therefore stopped accepting new applications.

If you're a small business, please check out this guide for additional resources.

If you applied for funding, you should have received an acknowledgment of your application and you will receive an eligibility decision via email within a few weeks. Please continue to submit documentation and receipts that support any existing applications. Read about eligible expenses