Mission and values

What makes SAIF so unique? The values that embody our history and our not-for-profit status: protecting workers, helping businesses, being an innovative leader, and knowing that real people depend on us every day

SAIF's mission

To constantly improve Oregon's workers' compensation system by setting the industry standard for affordability, availability, innovation, efficiency, and service quality.

SAIF's vision

SAIF will be an industry innovator that makes Oregon the safest place to work. We exist to serve and protect the Oregon workforce, meeting the needs of workers and employers and strengthening Oregon's economy.

Our charter

SAIF was created by the people of Oregon through the state legislature "to make insurance available to as many Oregon employers as inexpensively as may be consistent with the overall integrity of the Industrial Accident Fund... and sound principles of insurance."

SAIF's Core Commitments
  • We will shape and build a fair, balanced, and sustainable workers' compensation system.
  • We will maintain long-term financial strength.
  • We will improve the health and safety of Oregonians at the workplace and throughout the community.
  • We will deliver a high-value customer experience that differentiates us in the marketplace.
  • We will innovate to find new and better ways to serve our stakeholders.
  • We are committed to operational excellence.
  • We will build a strong, sustainable, highly productive organization.
Diversity and inclusion

Mission and values
At SAIF we respect, value, and celebrate the attributes, characteristics, and perspectives that make each person unique. Our mission is to enhance and promote our culture of inclusion among all employees, establish SAIF as the employer of choice, and better serve our customers through innovation and delivery of services.

We believe that as a company of diverse individuals we're more effective, innovative, and better positioned to accomplish our corporate mission. Weaving our similarities and differences into business strengths helps us: 

  • Connect more positively with the communities we serve, including our policyholders, their workers, and our own employees
  • Build more effective teams, which in turn influences better business results
  • Develop leaders with the skills that will be needed in the 21st century

Diversity | the many ways of being different or unique at the individual or group level. This includes, but is not limited to, personality; race; age; gender; sexual orientation; physical ability; religion; parental status; socio-economic status; work, life, and behavioral styles; and the perspectives of each individual as those beliefs are shaped by our individual experiences and culture.

Inclusion | not being left out. At SAIF, we try to create an environment where all employees feel supported, listened to, and have the opportunity to do their personal best. Inclusion is an important part of creating this kind of culture. It's reflected in our organizational practices, policies, and relationships.

History: people, business, Oregon

SAIF has been Oregon's leader in the workers' comp insurance industry since we opened our doors in 1914.

And we've been taking care of businesses and injured workers just as long. It all started with Dewie McKilrath—an injured logger from the Spaulding Logging Company in Salem who was our very first claim.

Back then, loggers around the state were risking life and limb, every single day on the job. Once we began protecting them, loggers and their families—and their employers—could worry just a little bit less and do their jobs a little better. Ever since, our goal has been to send every worker home safe every night.

Today, we're still innovating, looking for ways to make workplaces safer and to make Oregon the safest and healthiest state. We have to: more than 47,000 businesses and their workers depend on us every day.

That focus on workplace safety has translated into only two pure premium rate increases since 1990—a record no other state has come close to. Oregon workers stay healthy and on the job, and employers save money, too.

In 2014 SAIF celebrated its 100th year in business (we became a self-supporting, not-for-profit corporation in 1980). Not only have employers and injured workers across the state benefited from our stability, but essentially all Oregonians have benefited, too. Because SAIF keeps workers' comp insurance rates low for everyone, and that helps the Oregon economy for all of us.

SAIF's president and CEO is Kerry Barnett. A board of directors, appointed by the governor, oversees SAIF's operations.