Accident/Incident analysis


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Accident/Incident analysis: a step-by-step approach that simplifies the analysis process
SAIF’s ACTION form is a step-by-step approach to accident/incident analysis. This entertaining video walks you through the completion of each step and demonstrates why accident/incident analysis is so important to your company (2012).
Supporting materials: ACTION form: a step-by-step approach to accident analysis (English) (Spanish)

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Accident investigation
Order code: MGMTSAFE-03
13 minutes | "Accident investigation" shows employees steps in an accident investigation and how important it is for them to fully cooperate with any inquiry. The overall goal of an accident investigation is to prevent similar accidents from occurring. Areas covered in the program include: goals of an accident investigation, securing an accident scene, "root-cause" analysis, importance of investigative interviews, assisting in an accident investigation, importance of warning signs, reporting the near misses, and the role of policies. 

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Accident investigation (VHS)
Order code: MGMTSAFE-01
9 minutes | Introduces three major concepts of accident investigation to supervisors: preparing for the investigation, conducting the investigation, and analyzing the evidence (1986).

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Accident reporting and investigation (VHS)
Order code: MGMTSAFE-02
15 minutes | Provides a five-point action plan for accidents and near misses; for supervisors, managers, safety committees, and workers (1991).

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Incident reporting: you can save a life
Order code: MGMTSAFE-05 (Includes English, Spanish, and Portuguese)
16 minutes | It takes only a few words to keep an incident from becoming an accident. This powerful, “It's-A-Wonderful-Life”-style video stresses the importance of safety standards, the ways to control hazards, and the necessity of reporting unsafe work conditions. It's the “zero-accident mentality” crucial to preventing accidents before they happen.

Video topics: reporting all incidents, inspection and identification, near misses, assessment and implementation, proactive safety

Included with video: customizable PowerPoint, a printable Leader's Guide, helpful web links, and more

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