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Have a seat: putting ergonomics to work (VHS)
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9 minutes | How to properly adjust your ergonomic chair and workstation | This video addresses chair adjustments, chair maintenance, and workstation adjustments to achieve an ideal sitting posture. (2009).

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Office ergonomics today (VHS)
Order code: ERGO-24
16 minutes | Prevent lost workday injuries and compensation costs. This program shows a broad range of office situations and computer use that all your workers can relate to. The techniques and best safety practices demonstrated in this program will teach your workers the causes of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and motivate them to follow safe work procedures. Also covers: definition of ergonomics, ergonomic risk factors, recognizing and respecting early warning signs, proper posture .

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Office ergonomics: simple solutions
Order code: ERGO-23
Some of the most common workplace injuries are due to improper ergonomics in the office. Conduct your own office ergonomic assessment and keep your workplace healthy. Video can be viewed entirely or in segments (for example: "Adjusting your chair"). Download instantly or order the DVD (2009).
Materials included with video: Workstation ComfortErgonomic Worksheet, and Neutral Posture Poster.

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Play individual segments: 
Intro (1:37)  |   Neutral postures (1:24)  
Your chair (3:09)  |   Your keyboard/mouse (1:53) 
Your monitor (1:01)  |   Your phone (:46)
Your workstation (1:01)  |   Closing (:32)
Improve comfort (1:05)  |   Alternative solutions (2:38)


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